Hello There. I'm looking for a FurEver Home. 


Meet Orson:

Orson is a Golden Retriever whose owners had to give him up. He approximately 8 years old, Heart-worm negative, housebroken, current on shots and neutered.

Orson has been in a foster home and now needs to find his forever home.  This is what the foster has to say about Orson:

Golden Retrievers have been our dogs of choice since 1979. Orson is an owner release, 8 years old, little gray on his snout, beautiful golden fur, neutered, up to date on shots. Owner’s state he was purchased from breeder. Not obedience trained but knows commands and behaves well. Releasing because they travel often and he has been boarded.

We have fostered Orson for almost 6 weeks now and this is what I know. Orson has a vision problem. He can see distance but not up close. He moves his head from side to side to focus but if you are on his level, he sees you. We use runners for him to walk on our hardwood floors because of depth perception.  Very smart, has determined which rugs take him to him outside.

He loves to play ball and be outside. We do not have a fenced yard and he needs the exercise so a fenced yard would be ideal for him. He is well behaved and comes when called most of time. Loves snuggles. Startles at loud noises but not skittish. No accidents in the house. Rides okay but does not jump into a vehicle. Soft woofs but not a barker. This is a sweet, loving, gentle dog.

Adoption Fee: $300.00

I Want To Adopt Orson
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