Adoption Process

How do I go about adopting a dog?
You will need to fill out an application online at: TVGRR Adoption Application and pay a $35 application fee. Once your application has been received and processed, your application coordinator will be in touch with you either by email or phone.

What is the application fee?
The application fee is a non-refundable fee of $35.

Why do you do vet checks and home visits?
We want to ensure the dogs have a safe place to live and are well cared for. Our priority is to make sure the dog has found their forever home.

How long does it take to go through the approval process?
The answer to this question depends upon your application coordinator and your availability. We like everyone in the household to be present at the time of the home visit, but we understand that is not always possible. We are all volunteers with full time jobs, families and dogs, so we need to work around our schedules as well as your schedules.

What if I don't hear from my application coordinator?
The first two things you should do are check your email, including your junk mail, and your voice messages. Frequently, we call the applicant and they either don’t answer or their voice mail box is not set up or full. Also, many times we find that our emails go into junk mail. After ensuring the first two items aren’t the problem, please contact [email protected]. One of our volunteers will contact you.

What if I want a specific dog?
We get many applications requesting the same dog. Requesting a dog doesn’t mean the dog will be available once you have gone through the application and approval process. In fact, an already approved applicant may be waiting in line for a dog very similar to what we have posted. But don’t let this stop you from requesting a specific dog. You might be #14 in line but you are the right home for that dog!

TVGRR tries to be very fair regarding dog placement and how long applicants have been waiting for a dog to adopt. TVGRR’s goal is to make sure the dog is the right dog for the family as well as the family being the right family for the dog. We want the dog and the family to be happy!

Patience is key when it comes to adopting the right dog for your home.

Will it hurt my chances if I apply to different rescues?
Absolutely not! Although rescues do tend to work together and talk to one another, an application must be filled out for each rescue. If you do fill out multiple applications and adopt from a different rescue, TVGRR requests you let your applications coordinator know you have adopted elsewhere. We do hope you will adopt from TVGRR, but we also know there are many, many dogs that need good homes and if you find the perfect dog from a different rescue, then we are happy for you and happy for the dog.

Out of Area Adoptions

Do you adopt dogs out of the Knoxville area?
Yes, we adopt to out of state residents, with the exception of Hawaii. We do not adopt dogs out of the United States.

I don't live in the Knoxville area. How do you do a home visit?
If you are not local to the Knoxville area, we ask local rescues in your area to help us out. We also ask for pictures of your home, generally 3-4 inside pictures and 3-4 outside pictures. In addition, we do a satellite view of your home.

How do I get the dog if I live out of the area?
You are responsible for picking up the dog. There are dog transports to the North East. There is a fee associated with the transport (~$150) as well as a health certificate (~$50), which the adopter is responsible for. These fees are in addition to the adoption fee. The adoption fee and health certificate fee must be paid prior to putting the dog on the transport. The transport fee is paid to the driver of the transport.

About the Dogs

Where do you get dogs from?
The dogs in our program are owner releases, found as strays, or somehow end up in a shelter.

Can you provide the dog's history and/or personality?
Generally the answer is no. However, we do try very hard to place the dog in a foster home where the dog can be evaluated. We try to provide as much information to the potential adopter as we can. We encourage the adopter to talk to the foster parent, once the application is approved.

Where is your shelter?
We do not have a shelter. We are an all-volunteer organization. The dogs in our program are either in a foster home or boarding with either a veterinarian or a boarding/training facility.

How can I see a dog I am interested in?
You will need to have an approved application and work with your application coordinator to meet the dogs.

Do I have to take the dog you assign to me?
We do not assign dogs. We provide guidance to the adopter to ensure the best possible fit for the family as well as the dog.

How often do you get puppies?
We occasionally get puppies and generally, they are golden mixes. We never know ahead of time when we will get puppies.

What if I adopt and I don't want the dog anymore?
The dog is required to come back to TVGRR, per the contract you sign upon adoption. If you are not local to the Knoxville area and can’t keep the dog anymore, you are responsible for getting the dog back to TVGRR.

What about the health of the dog?
If we don’t have any health history of the dog, they are taken to one of our local veterinarians for shots, heart-worm test, spay/neuter, and general wellness checks. We do treat the dogs if they are heart-worm positive and/or have any major health issues such as mange, injuries, etc. We do not x-ray hips. Upon adoption we provide the adopter with all the vet records we have.

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