Hello There. I'm looking for a FurEver Home. 


Cassidy is approximately 8 years old, a Black Lab mix and a stray to a shelter. She is about 66lbs, up to date on all her shots, and spayed. She is not fond of the camera so these are the best pictures we could get of her but she is a very sweet girl.

Age is just a number for this energetic and fun-loving pup! Cassidy is extremely playful, loves toys, tug-o-war, and puzzle games. She also loves cuddling with blankets. She is a very smart girl and learned quickly that she will only get her leash put on/ taken off for a walk when she sits calmly. She is house trained, and has learned she must walk calmly when out on walks. She does not bark at people or dogs that she passes, even if the other dog is barking at her. She very rarely barks at things outside despite looking out the window quite often.

Cassidy loves to be outside and can get distracted and may or may not do her business.  It would be best for her to have a fenced in yard, play time and exercise and ensure she goes.

She is very loving and wants pets/attention at all times (who doesn't?) and will let you know her desires via nudging your hands with her head if you haven't given adequate affection. This sweet and playful pup is ready for a good home who will appreciate all the love she has to give!  It would be best if she were the only dog in the home. She plays well with others dogs but she can become alpha if there is another dog in the home with her.

Adoption Fee:$225

I Want To Adopt Cassidy
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