Hello There. I'm looking for a FurEver Home. 

Bear (Courtesy Post)

TVGRR doesn't often do this however, this owner reached out to us hoping we could help her re-homing her beloved Bear. If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in Bear, please contact me as soon as possible.

This is what we know about him from his owner:

Bear is about 6 years old, neutered, and 55 lbs. As you can tell he is a mix, maybe Golden and Shepherd but it is unknown. Bear is a unique boy as he appears to be an almost perfect boy.

  • He likes riding in cars and swimming (if you are swimming with him).
  • He likes toys and comes when called.
  • Bear is house-trained, used to being groomed, likes walks and love.
  • He even knows basic commands.
  • No separation or storm anxieties; is good with dogs, large and small, and cats (a plus if you have a cat).
  • He’s not a fan of baths but takes it in stride.

The owner mentioned Bear will pout and go to his bed when he can’t go with you but is super excited when you return.

She also states his first owner purchased him as a puppy and was a service animal for their autistic child. But the child grew out of it and no longer needed him. We don’t know if Bear has been formally trained for this, or he just naturally understands.

The reason she has to re-home him is: “I can’t physically give him walks anymore and my sight is failing.” She also can no longer afford him financially for various reasons. This is breaking her heart but she wants him to get all the love he deserves and doesn’t want him going to a shelter.

TVGRR decided to try to assist her with this.

Re-homing donation $150.00

I Want To Adopt Bear (Courtesy Post)
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