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To all of our friends, members, fans, applicants and the general public:


There is a potentially fatal new strain of dog flu virus spreading throughout the Southeast. There has now been 2 confirmed cases here in the Knoxville area. This strain is EXTREMELY contagious and deadly if not treated early. If your dog is showing signs of the flu (coughing, lethargy, throwing up and/or diarrhea) we strongly advise that you talk to your Vet about vaccinating your dogs for this virus.

It takes 1 shot with a booster shot 3 weeks later and then 1 more week for the vaccine to take full effect.

For this reason plus the fact that most of our boarding partners have put a 3 week hold on taking in dogs from shelters (and to err on the side of caution) we will be quarantining and vaccinating all of our rescue dogs for a period of at least 4 weeks. Unfortunately this will cause approved applicants to have a longer than usual waiting time before adopting a rescue. NOTE: All of the dogs currently on our website are flu-free and available for adoption.

We apologize for any inconvenience this policy may cause, but we will and must do our part to help put a stop to the spread of this virus. This will not be an easy nor cheap endeavor for us. SO, as always your donations and support is greatly appreciated.


Mike Nelson

TVGRR (Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue)
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Company Overview and Mission

Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (TVGRR) group was formed in July 1997:
  To facilitate the adoption of displaced and unwanted Golden Retrievers and Golden Mixes;
  •   To provide a good quality of life for homeless Golden Retrievers and Golden Mixes;
      •   To educate the public in responsible dog ownership; and
  •   To reduce the abuse and neglect of unwanted Goldens through rehabilitation and adoption.

TVGRR is a non-profit organization (501c3) which relies totally on donations from adopters, friends, family, and all Golden lovers. Each year TVGRR places approximately 150 Goldens and Golden Mixes in forever homes; which equates to approximately 2,700 dogs rescued since 1997.

When TVGRR receives a Golden/Golden Mixes, whether received by owner release or acquired by a shelter, they are evaluated for medical needs, checked for heart and intestinal parasites, spayed/neutered, current on all required vaccinations, micro-chipped, and given heartworm and flea preventatives. We strive to have each Golden Retriever/Mix evaluated in a foster home, discovering the temperament and behavior of the dog.

Your donations cover their medical expenses, medicines, temporary boarding, and supplies such as collars and leashes. 
(See how your donations help TVGRR)

We greatly appreciate your support and encourage you to join us in Membership and by volunteering. For specific information about our committees please check out our Volunteer and Fostering Opportunities. For any general questions or concerns, please contact the TVGRR at: Rescue@tvgrr.com.

Please check back often as we are constantly updating information and our Available Goldens and Golden Mixes.
 PLEASE NOTE: Some our adoptables never make it to the website because they are sent to their forever homes to applicants already on file and waiting. It is always advisable to complete an application now to get the adoption process started and home checks done. That way if a dog comes and is what you are waiting for you will be notified immediately.
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Upcoming Events:


Be sure to drop by and meet some of our adorable adoptables


1st Saturday of each month
Agri Feed Pet Supply
10am - 1pm
5716 Middlebrook Pike
Knoxville, TN

3rd Saturday of each month
10am - 1pm
214 Morrell Road
Knoxville, TN

Contact Information

  • Email: rescue@tvgrr.com
  • Telephone: 855-558-3100
  • Address:  P.O. Box 32973
  •                Knoxville, TN 37930