Weather Dangers for Pets

5 Summer Dangers for Pets

1.  Sun & Heat

Pets can become dehydrated quickly. Know the signs of overheating:
 - Excessive panting
 - Increased heart rate
 - Weakness

Make sure your pet has access to fresh water and a shady or air conditioned place.

2.  Fireworks & Thunderstorms

1 of 5 pets goes missing after being scared by loud noises, so keep them in a quiet, secure area at home. If your pet does go missing, download the ASPCA app for a free step-by-step tool kit to help find your pet:

3.  Parties & Barbecues

Make sure your pet can't get into human food especially:
 - grapes
 - onions
 - avocado
 - chocolate
 - alcoholic drinks

4. Toxic Chemicals

These are toxic so keep them away from your pets:
 - Insecticides
 - Insect repellents
 - Sunscreen
 - Citronella products
 - Glow sticks

5. Hot Cars

Don't leave your pet in the car! Even with the windows cracked. A car's temperature can reach 100o in 10 minutes on an 85o day. For more on this visit our Hot Cars are Deadly for Animals Page.

Courtesy of the ASPCA

Colder Months and Your Pets

Help your pets remain happy and health during colder months.

1. Do not leave dogs or cats outdoors for lengthy periods of time.

2. Wind chill can threaten a pet's life no matter what the temperature is.

3. Short-haired dogs may need to wear a sweater for walks.

4. Exposed skin on noses, ears, and paw pads can quickly freeze and cause permanent damage.

5. Pets need more food during cold weather. Check water to make sure it is fresh and not frozen. Use plastic rather than metal bowls.

6. Warm engines in parked cars attract cats who may crawl under the hood. Bang on the car's hood before starting the engine.

7. Protect paws from the de-icing salt used to melt snow and ice. Wipe all paws with a damp towel before your pet licks them.

8. Avoid antifreeze poisoning. Wipe up spills and store out of reach.

9. The happiest dogs are those taken for walks and exercise but kept inside the rest of the time!

REMEMBER: If it's too cold for's too cold for your pet! Bring them inside.

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