Our Permanent TVGRR Fosters

Meet some of TVGRR's permanent fosters. Permanent fosters are in loving homes but cannot be adopted out due to health reasons. So TVGRR continues to cover their medical needs for as long as they live. Your support and donations help cover their costs.

Dakota in SunglassesDakotaDakota is a 6 yr. old Golden Retriever mix. She came to TVGRR in March of 2017 from North Carolina. She suffers from SEBACEOUS ADENITIS a rare disease which means she is allergic to her own skin oils. Her tear ducts are damaged due to this illness and she has Lupus. Unfortunately there is no cure but it can and is being managed through drops, sprays, vitamins, and special pills. 

For the first 5 years of her life things like being petted, getting wet, walking, eating, and even breathing was very painful. Her previous owners consulted several vets but none could diagnose her condition. So they reluctantly gave her up. Thanks to Dr. Sarah Szluha and Dr. Kerry Seyfert of Middlebrook Animal Clinic, Dakota's illness was identified and through trial and effort a treatment plan was born. Her vet bill was about $3,500 and we have whittled it down to about $1,200 so your donations are a great help.

Through all this, Dakota is one of the sweetest girls who loves people, other dogs, and even her sun glasses. She is now TVGRR's poster child and you can meet her and see her continuing progress at most of TVGRR's events.

WilsonWilson is a 10 yr. old Golden Retriever/Golden Lab and was a stray to a shelter where TVGRR rescued him. TVGRR found a lump on his side and wanted it checked out so during X-rays it was discovered he was badly abused from the fractures shown on his ribs, the buck shot in his hind end, and his legs are atrophied from being confined in a small crate. That wasn't stopping a potential adopter but what was also discovered during the x-rays, Wilson has Mastocytoma, a very aggressive cancer.

Since we don't know how long he has, be it weeks or months; he is part of the Permanent TVGRR Fosters and he is living what ever time he has left with the TVGRR President and their other fur ones. He is such a happy boy with a sparkling personality and he just wants to be a part of what is going on. He often comes to our TVGRR events and loves all the attention he receives. Your donations help with his vet visits and bills.
Wilson Nelson
UPDATE: It is with great sadness to say that Wilson lost his battle with cancer and went to Rainbow Bridge November 27, 2017. For the 5 1/2 months he was with TVGRR and in the home of the President Mike Nelson and his wife Bonnie, Wilson had a grand time and life. He smiled all the time, enjoyed the company of his fur brothers and sisters, and discovered how good life could be and should have been for him. He enjoyed going to our Adopt-a-thons meeting every one and smiling widely. He will be greatly missed by us all.

SugarSugar, a 6 1/2 yr. old lab mix, was part of a hoarding case and TVGRR was asked to help so we took in 6 dogs. All have found their 'furever' homes and are happy living the lives they deserve.

Sugar had a lump and TVGRR had it removed but it was a malignant one and guaranteed the cancer would return but not sure when. So she is now living her days in a wonderful foster home. She has 4 boys to play and hang out with, enjoys family life and sitting on the couch with everyone watching movies. Loves those tummy rubs too! She sometimes attends TVGRR events and loves meeting everyone. Your donations help with her care.

Contact Information

  • Email: rescue@tvgrr.com
  • Telephone: 855-558-3100
  • Address:  P.O. Box 32973
  •                Knoxville, TN 37930